Tromboncino, organic seeds

Cucurbita moschata

This little trombone is an unusual old Italian squash. The smooth, lime green fruits grow long, 5-6 cm thick and are swollen at the flower end, where all the seeds are gathered. It should be harvested at 30 cm but is quite enjoyable even at half a meter.  The flesh is smooth and firm. It has mild taste with a hint of artichoke.  This vigorous plant is a climber and excellent for binding up. If it is allowed to wind freely on the ground the fruits usually become crooked. Tromboncino can be kept for quite a long time. A portion contains about 8-10 seeds.

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Product number:3580

Latin name:Cucurbita moschata

Botanic family:The Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae


Days to maturity:58


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No