Yellow Crookneck

Cucurbita pepo

Is the cat among the ermines. A different a little later bush squash of darkly yellow, granular fruits shaped like skittles with bent neck. The flesh is firm and "˜buttery"™ of a taste all its own, the best tasting summer squash in the opinion of lots of people. Yellow Crookneck should be harvested at 15 cm. A portion contains about 8-10 seeds. MOFGA-certified seed. See under Info etc. - Ecologically grown seeds.

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20 g185SEK
100 g480SEK

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Product number:3545

Latin name:Cucurbita pepo

Botanic family:The Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae


Sorted by size:No

Days to maturity:60


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No