Multiflorae, organic seeds

For along time now we’ve been looking for a green manure mix that is suitable for our climate. Surely you can combine a selection of varieties by yourself to acquire the variation you seek. But finding 15 different ones, as included in Multiflorae, is not so easy. Especially not if you only prefer seeds that are organically grown. A wide range of varieties in the green manure is crucial for the microlife and the renewal of nutriciants in the ground, which also benefits our cultivated plants. The bigger the diversity of species, the bette rthe condition of the soil. Multiflorae contains annual blooming herbs with some clover species. There is also some cruciforous species included, why we recommend to practise crop rotation to avoid clubroot disease. Therefore one should not use Multiflorae as a preceding crop to brassicas.

The mixture contains: 6% Trifolio alexandrinum, 5% Melilotus officinalis, 15% Lupinus/Esparett (Onobrychis vicifolia), 9% Trifolio incarnatum, 7% Erba medica ’Nardian’, 6% Erba medica ’Alba’, 7% Trifolio resupinatum, 7% Fagopynum esculentum, 6% Raphanus sativus, 3% Phacelia, 20% Vicia sativa, 1% Calendula, 2% Serradella, 1% Coriander, 1% Malva sylvestris, 1% Cuminum, 1% Finnocchio annual, 1% Dill, 1% Rucola.

A package contains about 20 gram and is enough to sow 5-10 m2. 100 grams covers around 25-50 m2 and 500 gram should be enough to sow 150-250 m2. Organic seeds.

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Product number:Gr110


Lifespan:Annual, Biannual

F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No