Gergana, organic seeds

Cucumis sativus

A cucumber for the greenhouse and for warm locations outdoors. Long, of uniform thickness and smooth. Similar to the cucumber you canbuy in the store, but with a remarkably more rich taste. The fruit, which willnever taste bitter, is around 35 cm long and dark-green. It is a so called standardvariety (no F1-hybrid), and will therefore produce fruit when pollinated. Insectshave to enter the greenhouse to take care of the pollination. The plant is notso strong-growing, and the vines will only reach 60-70 cm.  The origin of Gerbana is Bulgaria, where it fora long time has been cultivated in a large scale for its good taste. Fast,fresh and reliable are characteristics for Gergana. 10 seeds in a package. Organic seed.

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Product number:3175

Latin name:Cucumis sativus

Botanic family:The Squash Family - Cucurbitaceae


Days to maturity:60


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No