Sorrel, organic seeds

Rumex acetosa

Rumex acetosa of the Polygonaceae family grows wild in large parts of the North. It is a perennial, easy to grow, about 30 cm tall, broad-leaved, nourishing and early foliage plant of acidic, slightly lemony taste. Sow directly and thin out to a mutual space of 20 cm. The sorrel likes half-shadow and should be harvested continually. The leaves are used fresh in salads and cooked in vegetable-, fish- and meat dishes.
1300 seeds/g, one portion yields 300 seedlings. A portion contains about 600 seeds.

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Product number:K545

Latin name:Rumex acetosa

Botanic family:The Knotweed Family - Polygonaceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:30 cm.