Lactuca sativa var. longifolia

Is a new modern sensation from Israel with a flavour beating almost everything. Only Little Gem can measure up to this sweet, crispy Cos lettuce, but in size J. is the opposite. In well fertilized soil this compact head, with its slightly crumpled leaves, can easily reach 40 cm. J. can stand the heat of summer without getting so-called tip-burn. The only drawback we have discovered is its tendency to go to stock, if sowed too early. Sow successively! A portion contains about 250 seeds. MOFGA-certified seed. See under Info etc. - Ecologically grown seeds.

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5 g155SEK
20 g490SEK

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Product number:4250

Latin name:Lactuca sativa var. longifolia

Botanic family:The Sunflower Family - Asteraceae


Days to maturity:65


F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No