Castor-Oil Plant

    Ricinus communis
belongs to the Spurge family, Euphorbiaceae and comes from Africa originally where it becomes a perennial tree, in the Mediterranean area it is a bush lasting 2-3 years while here with us it is an annual. This is a typical solitaire for big beds and borders or pots with its vigorous way of growing and large, deeply cut, shiny leaves. The stalks of the flowers bear panicle-shaped blooms and coloured fruits which resemble chestnuts and can grow 2 m long. The castor-oil plant wants good access to nutrients, water, sun and warmth.
The seeds of the castor oil plants are highly toxic.

SOWING: Sow the large seeds, with hard hulls indoors, in March, 2-3 cm deep. They need 2-3 weeks to germinate. Set them out when the risk of frost is over.

SEEDS: 1 g contains about 2-3 seeds.
Bright Red, organic seeds
Has shimmering darkly wine-red leaves and red flowers. One portion has about 10 seeds.

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