Claytonia (montia) perfoliata
is an annual of the Portulacaceae family and comes from The North American continent originally and has been an ingredient in salads or used as spinach for as long as memory lasts. This beautiful plant yields large amounts of heart-shaped leaves which surround a flower stem of white flowers. Its taste is fresh and raw and everything can be eaten even the root, raw or cooked. Pick the leaves during the whole season, new ones appear perpetually. Claytonia thrives in cool weather, is hardy to some frost and can be harvested far into winter especially in a green house. 

SOWING: Sow the small seeds shallowly in a plot or pre-cultivate and set out with 10-15 cm of mutual space.

SEEDS: 1600-2200 seeds/g.
Vinterportulak, ekofrö

Vinterportulak, ekofrö