Nasturtium officinale
belongs to the cruciferous family and is originally a perennial from southern Europe and has long been appreciated for its enlivening powers. Watercress is delicious and rich in vitamins A, C and D. Grow it indoors like the Cress and outdoors in a shadowy, very damp place rich in lime, standing in water is good too. If it is never allowed to dry out it grows well in common garden soil too. It is suitable for green house growing early and late in the season. Watercress can winter in the south. 10 cm of mutual space is needed. Preferably, harvest in cool weather when the watercress has milder taste and better keeping qualities.

SOWING: Sow indoors or outdoors, 0,5 cm deep and be sure to keep it moist

SEEDS: 5000 seeds/g, one portion yields several hundred seedlings.
Vattenkrasse, ekofrö

Vattenkrasse, ekofrö