Artemisia absinthium
belongs to the composite family and has small yellow flowers. It is originally from the dry areas around the Mediterranean and the Middle East and has been spread to large parts of the world, many sorts and variants. Since ancient times it has been a well-known medicinal and witchcraft plant. It is perennial but must be covered to winter over safely in the North.Wormwood develops its aroma best if grown on light limy soil. It stimulates digestion, flavours spirits and liqueur and repels insects.

SOWING: It is sown directly or pre-cultivated. Sow the small seeds very shallowly and keep it moist. Keep 30-50 cm between the plants!

SEEDS: 10 000 seeds/g. One portion can give about 1000 plants.
Malört, ekofrö

Malört, ekofrö