Marsh Mallow

    Althaea officinalis
is a mallow plant and perennial, an old medicinal plant which is used against inflammations and cough. It comes from China originally and arrived in Europe via Egypt and Syria where it was a common vegetable. Seeds, flowers and leaves are eaten fresh or cooked while the root should be boiled and then fried. The mallow can grow 2 m tall and blooms for a long time with beautiful mallow flowers of white and pink. It thrives in full sun-light and moderately nutrient-rich soil.

SOWING: Sow directly outdoors, 1-2 cm deep, when the soil is a bit warmer. Thin out to a distance of 10-15 cm between plants

SEEDS: About 100 seeds/g, and one portion yields at least 30 seedlings. A portion contains about 100 seeds.
Läkemalva, ekofrö

Läkemalva, ekofrö