Tarragon - Russian

    Artemisia dracunculoides
belongs to the Composite family originally from Siberia where it has been used as (h)erb for a very long time. This is a perennial, vigorously growing bush, about 80 cm tall.  Russian Tarragon doesn"™t have much of a taste compared to true French Tarragon but that cannot be propagated by seed. Russian Tarragon, in return, grows to become a large, beautiful bush, hardy in winter, growing ever tastier as the years pass.

SOWING: Sow directly or preferably pre-cultivated. It germinates slowly. Set out the plants after the risk of frost is over. Keep 40 cm between the plants.

SEEDS: 1 g contains about 5000 seeds. One portion is enough for at least 50 good pre-cultivated seedlings. Ecoseeds.
Dragon, Rysk, ekofrö

Dragon, Rysk, ekofrö