Mexican Sunflower

    Tithonia rotundifolia
is an annual of the Compositae family originally from Mexico. This  plant grows vigorously and gets at least 1 m sometimes 1.5 m tall and blooms from July until the frost stops it with 10 cm wide single composites which resemble those of the summer Dahlia. Both the dark-green leaves and the sturdy stalks are slightly downy, excellent cutting flower.
The Mexican sunflower prefers well-drained, normally fertilized soil in a warm sheltered place. Applying too much fertilizer brings exuberantly growing plants.

SOWING: Sow indoors in April and set out after the risk of frost is over or directly outdoors at the same time as the bean sowing when the soil has warmed up.

SEEDS: 1 g contains about 100 seeds.
Inkakrage, Orange, ekofrö

Inkakrage, Orange, ekofrö