Seed Catalogue

To order the printed catalogue

The catalogue is a list of our varieties with a short description. You will find more information on the website. The big version from 2008 is now finished and we will instead send our 2018 mini-catalogue/variety list. However, the 2008 version can be downloaded for free below, as a PDF file or as a scrolling copy.
If you live in sweden and made an order last year you will automatically get the small variety list sent home to the address you used to register. If not you can send us an email to: or call us on: +46303777140

Variety List for 2012

Download the 2012 variety list (934KB): Variety List 2012.pdf  in Swedish. (unfortunatley, the latest version is from 2012, we refer you to our website.)
If you still want to use this list, please check on our website for current status and prices before you order. Some changes may occur.

We will not distribute a new "big catalogue", but only the current mini version - "the variety list". We intended to make a new big catalogue, both for spring 2011 and 2012. But uncertainties in the Swedish legislation relating to the seed trade are great now, after calls to sharpen the existing directives regarding allowed varieties and different control taxes. We do not yet know exactly what changes are coming. Which are the varieties we have to remove? How much seed are we allowed to sell of each variety? What size of the packages are we forced to use? What will our additional costs be? Much is still unclear. The exception we had in Sweden since 1998, relating to the strict EU directives, which enabled us to sell varieties that had not been registered in the EU, is definitely gone now!
So to print a new big catalogue, which may be outdated before it comes out, doesn't make sense.
Therefore, there is only the current 2012 mini catalogue/variety list available. If you want to know more about the varieties, or get some information about cultivation, or read about the history of the seeds, you'll find it here on this website,, and in older "big" catalogues.

Download our "big" catalogue from 2008 (No longer in print)

The quickest and most convenient way to receive our "big" catalogue is to download it here as a PDF file. You can save it on your computer and study it whenever you want. It looks exactly the same as our latest paper catalogue. You must have Acrobat Reader (Adobe Reader) installed on your computer to view the PDF files.

Download the 2008 Catalogue (2.5 MB): Catalogue 2008.pdf

Browser-friendly catalogue

It is identical to our 2008 pdf catalogue, but you don't need any pre-installed software on your computer and it is more like browsing a paper catalogue. Try it!

Open the browser-friendly catalogue: Browsable Catalogue