Sales Conditions

As usual we test the germination rate, the shooting power and purity of all our seeds before packing them in November-February. Therefore we are able to promise that the information about the germination rate we write on the bags is true. Keep the seeds in a dry, cool place they keep their vital force better that way until sowing time. All the seeds we offer for sale have at least the regulated germination rate and have not been treated nor have any other preparations been used on them.

PAYMENT: No orders below 100:- SEK and all the prices in the catalogue are VAT included. We send the seeds by mail and they are paid---. Do not pre-pay the seeds pay them within 30 days of receiving them.
The price of postage is added but no COD-charge, but a service fee of 30:- SEK on every order to cover a small part of the costs of administration, catalogues, stamps, packaging etc.
If we must remind you about payment due we add a reminder fee of 60:- SEK each time we have to remind you. Pay on time both you and us win that way! Do not forget to include the number of the order/invoice when you pay.     

 LIABILITY: We are not liable for crops nor for circumstances we are not masters of like transport damages, import restrictions, war etc. If you are dissatisfied with the seeds you must send them back within 10 days together with the order and preferably an explanation. You will of course get your money back, if you have paid already. To order seeds from us means that you have accepted these conditions.