Weaver"™s Teasel

    Dipsacus sativus
of the Dipsacaceae-family comes from many different places, western Europe over northern Africa to western Iran. It is bi-annual and self-sows easily. During the first year a low thorny rosette of leaves appears which prefers to grow in heavy clay soil spreading easily as well. During the second year it grows tall with small lightly violet flowers on the vigorous, thorny inflorescences (4 X 10 cm) which were used, dried, for the carding of wool in past times and now as decorations. The weaver"™s teasel is a very impressive plant which easily grows 2 m tall. Our seed-plants come from Tjörn, an island on the west coast of Sweden.

SOWING: The seeds should be sown directly in April-June or in late summer or autumn.

SEEDS: 1 g contains about 350 seeds
Kardvädd, ljusviolett, ekofrö

Kardvädd, ljusviolett, ekofrö