Burning Bush

    Dictamnus albus
of the Rutaceae-family is a perennial originating in Eastern Asia and the Himalayas. The flowers contain an essential oil which emits a self-igniting gas in hot, dry places without harming the plants.
It is a bush 70-100 cm tall of thick leaves and beautifully veined rose-white, quite large flowers at the top, blooming in early summer. B.B. thrives in well-drained, limy soil in the sun.

SOWING: It needs a period of cold to germinate. Sow 2 cm deep preferably outdoors in autumn. A spring sowing can be put in the freeze box of the refrigerator for a few weeks. Keep 50 cm between the plants. This one is the most beautiful standing alone.

SEEDS: 70 seeds/g one portion yields at least 10 seedlings.
Moses Brinnande Buske, ekofrö

Moses Brinnande Buske, ekofrö