Evening Primrose, organic seeds

Oenothera biennis

Oenothera biennis belongs to the Onagraceae family and has been used in cooking and medicine for a long time. The leaves, stem and root are eaten as vegetables. The root resembles parsnip. A decoction of leaves and stems is used in skin cream and in tea against cough. The evening primrose was very common among the Amerindians. The seeds contain oil which has been used successfully against such diverse complaints as acne, rheumatism, PMS, hyper-activity and embolism.
Evening primrose can be sown directly but gets better if it is sown indoors and set out at 25 cm of mutual space after the risk of frost is over. This plant grows about 1m tall and is bush-shaped. It blooms all of summer with phosphorescent pastel-yellow flowers, 5 cm, which shine at dusk. 2500 seeds/g, one portion yields several hundred seedlings. A portion contains about 1000 seeds.

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Product number:K482

Latin name:Oenothera biennis

Botanic family:Evening Primrose Family - Onagraceae



F1 Hybrid:No

New variety:No

Height:100 cm