Limone (Statice) sinuata
of the Limonium-family is an annual originally from the Mediterranean area. It is a well-known everlasting flower which prefers to grow in not too nutritious sand-mixed soil in the sun. Water if there is a drought! The flowers should be cut when fully open and dried hanging. 60-70 cm tall. Pure seed.

SOWING: Sow a little less than 1 cm deep indoors or in a hotbed in March-April. It is a good idea to soak the seeds over night before sowing. Set out in May-June when the risk of frost is over. In southern Sweden, direct sowing in beds or borders can succeed. Leave 35 cm between the plants.

SEEDS: 350 seeds/g.
Statice, Mixed Colours
Temporarily unavailable
One portion yields about 50 seedlings.

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