Chenopodium ambrosioides
is an annual of the goose-foot family. This is a traditional herb- and tea plant from Mexico, indispensible in Mexican chilli sauces and bean dishes. It is good for your digestion and is said to prevent wind in the stomach. Epazote can grow more than 1m tall and yields a great amount of leaves which have a marked scent and taste of lemon. They are tastiest fresh but can be dried or frozen for winter. Lemon goose foot is another name. In trade it is also called Mexican tea.

SOWING: The seeds are small and it is easiest to sow them shallowly indoors for setting out, 15-20 cm between the plants, after the risk of frost is over. Epazote can handle one degree of frost or so in autumn.

SEEDS: 6500 seeds/g, one portion yields at least about 100 seedlings. Ecoseeds.
Epazote, ekofrö

Epazote, ekofrö